Codestars is a digital publishing company specialising in fun, practical and comprehensive online courses in the most in-demand coding, technology and business skills topics.

Started by globally best-selling instructor Rob Percival, Codestars has taught over half a million people around the world.

From web development and programming languages, to digital marketing, app creation and much more, Codestars courses give people the opportunity to transform their skillset and revolutionise their professional abilities.

We handpick the very best instructors and coach them in Rob Percival’s learn-by-doing style to create innovative and learner-focused courses.

Most of our courses are aimed at beginners, but they give learners the chance to put their chosen skill into practice from very early on in the course. This hands-on approach means that our students start gaining real experience straightaway – no boring theory to wade through. Our all-in-one courses are super interactive, and, most importantly, great fun.

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