Which Codestars course is right for you? 

We’re proud to publish a range of exciting and in-depth courses focused on programming, technology and business skills. All that choice can sometimes be overwhelming though…

Do you want to be a frontend web designer? Or a backend programmer? Perhaps you want to build your own app, or website, or create a mobile game? Maybe all you want to learn is a new coding language?

To help you make the right choice, we’ve created a Codestars course infographic which outlines all our courses, and guides you through the different the options.

So, no matter what you dream is, find the perfect course for you today.


Codestars courses

(Note, the full course listings below are in the process of being updated)

All our courses are listed below, and available to you for the discounted price of just $19.99! Enrol today!


The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Instructor: Rob Percival

Length: 30.5 hours

“Excellent course gives you everything you need to know for doing awesome websites!”

Starting with the fundamentals (HTML5, CSS3 and Python) before moving on to more advanced techniques such as iQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Twitter Bootstrap, learn everything you need to know to build successful and cash-earning websites today …………Enrol now!


The Complete Digital Marketing Course 

Instructors: Daragh Walsh, Rob Percival

Length: 20 hours

“Excellent course gives you everything you need to know for doing awesome websites!”

The most comprehensive and best selling digital marketing course available on Udemy. Learn how to use SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and much much more! By the end of the course you will have defined your audience, set up a website and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels …………Enrol now!


The Complete Android O Developer Course 

Instructors: Rob Percival, Nick Walter

Length: 37.5 hours

“Unlike every other course in Android and Java, this one includes many hands-on coding projects that teach you how to REALLY build the stuff you want to build.”

Learn app development with Android 8.0 Oreo by building real apps including Twitter, Instagram and Super Mario Run. We also dive into Augmented Reality (with ARCore) and learn essential skills like Bluetooth, game development, and sending users notifications  …………Enrol now!


The Complete iOS 12 & Swift Developer Course

Instructors: Rob Percival, Nick Walter

Length: 44 hours

“The course is amazing and the teacher has great capabilities to transmit concepts in a simple yet effective way”

iOS 12 is the latest iteration of the Apple operating system and it offers the biggest leap in technology today (including Core ML 2 and ARKit 2)!  This comprehensive and extremely popular course will set you on the path to building professional-grade apps …………Enrol now!


The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

Instructors: Gregg Davis, Rob Percival

Length: 21 hours

“Gregg is a phenomenal instructor and his lesson plans are well designed […] I started this course with no knowledge nor understanding of Word Press and now I’m super confident in my ability to produce quality websites!”

WordPress powers more than 25% of all websites in the world, so, if you want to gain the skills you need to build, manage and maintain websites this is the course for you! Learn to master the inner workings of WordPress, including: how to build, edit, fix and troubleshoot websites (both personal and commercial), how to set up server and hosting environments, how to migrate and transfer WordPress websites from staging to live and vice-versa, and so much more! …………Enrol now!


The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional

Instructors: Laurence Svekis, Rob Percival

Length: 33 hours

“Great course full of tons of information. There is so much to learn in this course I’m sure there is something for everyone to learn.”

Learn the #1 programming language in the world, taught by Laurence Svekis, an industry pro with 18 years workplace experience. After learning the foundations of JavaScript we put your skills to work on practical projects that help you gain experience and confidence. Build 45 different games, web apps and websites during the course, and then go and make your own! …………Enrol now!


The Complete Python Course – Learn by Doing

Instructors: Jose Salvatierra, Rob Percival

Length: 27.5 hours

It’s awesome and really compact. […] I love Jose’s style and his quizzes and coding exercises. Buy it without second thoughts!

Demand for Python is booming in the job market and it is a skill that can help you get a job in industries as diverse as data science, web applications, and home automation. Enrol in this course and you’ll learn from an industry expert, and soon be an expert yourself! Start with the foundations, before learning to master algorithms, asynchronous programming, OOP, web scraping, and much more! …………Enrol now!


The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course

Instructors: Jose Salvatierra, Rob Percival

Length: 22 hours

“An excellent course! Instructor was clear and easy to understand. Material was thorough, well paced and relevant!”

A Udemy best-selling course, and one you won’t want to miss! Among other things, Python is used to for web development, desktop app (and mobile app!) development, and to embed software. Meanwhile, PostgreSQL allows your apps to become even more powerful by storing, retrieving, and filtering through large data sets easily. Master both, and become unstoppable! …………Enrol now!


The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd edition)

Instructors: Andrew Mead, Rob Percival

Length: 26.5 hours

This is amazing. What’s even better is the instructor answered all the questions I asked.

The entire course is based around a single goal: Turning you into a professional Node developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications. During the course you’ll: build, test, and launch Node apps, create Express web servers and APIs, store data with Mongoose and MongoDB, use ES6/ES7 JavaScript, deploy your Node apps to production, and create real-time web apps with SocketIO. …………Enrol now!


The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

Instructors: Mashrur Hossain, Rob Percival

Length: 32 hours

“All in all, a very comprehensive (complete) course […] The inclusion of features that most real-world web applications use is highly appreciated. Have recommended to several friends and will continue to do so.”

A bestselling Udemy course since it’s launch in 2015, and rigorously updated ever since. Write your first programs in Ruby and become familiar with Rails 4+5. You’ll use Git for version control, Github as code repository, and Heroku for production deployment. The course also tackles working with Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for storage, Sendgrid for production email functionality, Multi-Tenancy using Milia. Ajax, Jquery, Javascript are used in different sections of the course and (before you know it!) you’ll be prototyping ideas and turning them into apps! …………Enrol now!


Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5

Instructors: Mashrur Hossain, Rob Percival

Length: 20.5 hours

[…] I really like how this course covers the materials in-depth, yet keeps things easy to follow. Excellent!

The best introduction available to Web Applications Development using the wildly popular Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby on Rails has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools for building web applications for entrepreneurs, startups and existing software houses. Top sites such as Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, and many more use Ruby on Rails and (after taking this course!) you will be too! …………Enrol now!


The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python

Instructor: Anthony NG

Length: 18.5 hours

“Great content. Instructor knows the material and gives clear instructions and also real-life examples.”

By the end of this course, you will have a portfolio of 12 Machine Learning projects and will have trained machine learning algorithms to classify flowers, predict house prices, identify handwriting/digits, detect cancer cells… and much more! Enrol today and go from zero to hero in Python, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, SVM, unsupervised Machine Learning, and more. …………Enrol now!


The Complete MySQL Developer Course

Instructors: Mashrur Hossain, Rob Percival

Length: 10 hours

“I loved this course. Not only because it’s a complete MySQL course, but it is also easy to understand, explained in a comprehensive and accurate way, and the teacher knows how to teach things.”

Database development with MySQL is one of the most fundamental skills that a technology professional needs to thrive in today’s workplace. Beginning with installing and creating databases, this course teaches you to build web applications with MySQL as the database and, by the end of the course, you’ll be able to do virtually anything you want with databases. …………Enrol now!


The Complete Kotlin Developer Course

Instructor: Nick Walter

Length: 12.5 hours

“Clear, positive & explains every detail in a very practical way.”

Arriving on the scene in 2011 and now fully supported by Google, Kotlin is a new language that makes programming for Android or Javascript a dream. In this course you’ll learn Kotlin from the ground up, create two fully functional Android apps, build a command line tool and create Javascript code from Kotlin! …………Enrol now!


The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 apps

Instructor: Rob Percival

Length: 36.5 hours

“Really well paced and informative. All my questions get answered super quick. One of, if not the best swift courses on Udemy”

Want to develop any iOS app you want? Want to become a professional iOS developer? This is the course for you! Updated for Xcode 9.2 in January 2018, you’ll use Xcode & Swift 4 to make real iOS 11 apps like Uber and Instagram, with CoreML & ARKit, and you’ll be taught by best-selling Udemy instructor Rob Percival …………Enrol now!


The Complete ARKit Course – Build 11 Augmented Reality apps

Instructors: Rayan Slim

Length: 9.5 hours

“Totally amazing, I love the step-by-step style of this course.”

Augmented reality is the future, so get ahead of the competition and learn ARKit development through 11 practical, hands-on projects, including a Floor is Lava App, AR measuring App, and Ikea App. By the end of the course you’ll have mastered 3D textures, world tracking, be able to place 3D objects on horizontal surfaces and have built an inter-dimensional portal…………Enrol now!


The Complete React JS & Redux Course – Build Modern Web apps

Instructor: Rayan Slim

Length: 12.5 hours

“Great course with great in-depth explanations, needs more real world applications. It is an awesome course.”

React has rapidly become one of the most powerful tools for building Web Applications, with top sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, and more using it! By the end of this course you’ll have built a sophisticated Photowall Web Application with React, Redux and CSS…………Enrol now!


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